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Talia Ilan with the Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, China, March 2019


Talia Ilan rehearsing Guiyang Symphony O
Rehearsing Mozart Flute Concerto in D, w

The Concert

Guiyang Grand Theater


Talia Conducts the Guiyang Symphony Orch
Talia in concert with the Guiyang Sympho
Guiyang Symphony Orchestra

Pictures by Chengcheng Zhang

Just Published:

"Real Legends"  

50 women to grow up with in Israel

Talia Ilan was chosen as one of 50 women for the new published  book (Dvir) "Real Legends - 50 women to grow up with in Israel" / Shoham Smith. This is the first Israeli  "Rebel Girls" Book, and among legends are PM Golda Meir, poets Lea Goldberg and Rachel, WWII Heroes Hana Senesh and Haviva Reik and more.

אגדות אמיתיות.jpg
Cover of the book "Real Legends"
Portrait of conductor Talia Ilan by Keren Katz
אגדות אמיתיות עמוד 92.jpg
The page on conductor Talia Ilan
עם שהם סמיט.jpg
פגישה ראשונה עם יוזמות אגדות אמיתיות.jpg
Talia in conversation with author Shoham Smith
Talia with the creators and entrepreneurs of  "Real Legends"
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